About Us


Ozzie Services LLC is an IPTV provider that offers TV boxes with an unlimited IPTV subscription for a one-time payment. Our Elite TV Streaming Media boxes allow you to stream infinite movies, TV episodes, and other content without incurring exorbitant monthly subscription rates.

Ultimate Streaming Experience

Ozzie Services LLC TV boxes are leading-edge streaming devices that are plug-and-play ready and provide endless hours of quick, effortless streaming. Our most recent streaming media box technology comprises the super box s3 pro and the super box elite 2. Tanggula Elite and VseeBox VI pro have been a means for everyone worldwide to cut the cable.

With state-of-the-art technology and an emphasis on first-rate customer service, Ozzie Services LLC is currently dominating the streaming media industry. Our Android-powered streaming media players provide a personalized streaming experience with a user-friendly UI to provide endless hours of streaming delight.

Why Choose Us

⦁ Global Channels
⦁ Premium Live Streaming
⦁ Reasonable Price Packages
⦁ 24/7 Customer Service

Transforming the World with Technology

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars yearly in monthly cable bills for a limited number of channels? Would you want to be able to quickly watch HD channels from across the world while also having access to all of the hottest movies and TV episodes on demand? Our IPTV service makes it quicker, simpler, and less expensive than ever to watch whatever you want in high quality. You only need an IPTV subscription and an internet-connected device to access the world’s most popular IPTV channels.

So, why delay? Get an unlimited IPTV subscription for a one-time payment today!

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